Top 15 Favorite Baby Products | Dearmommies

My top 15 favorite baby products for new and expectant moms.


Toddler Wearable Vocabulary Counter | Dearmommies

Starling – a wearable vocabulary counter that’s currently being crowdfunded. It’s a device that your toddler/child wears and it counts the amount of words spoken to the child on a given day. The concept behind it is that the more words you speak to your child, the higher their IQ’s, and the smarter they become.

Playground Etiquettes | Dearmommies

1) Please wait your turn Everyone needs a turn down the slide, on the swing or the rock climbing wall etc. But no one likes it when a child is pushing the others because they’re too eager to wait. It’s also dangerous if children are pushing others down the slide because sometimes it’s pretty steep and the…

Mommy Friends | Dearmommies

I would like to say, having mommy friends is an absolutely must when you decide to embark on your motherhood journey. It’s so important to have a support system consisting of family, friends, or even co-workers when you first become a mom. We all know being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the…