Playground Etiquettes | Dearmommies

1) Please wait your turn

Everyone needs a turn down the slide, on the swing or the rock climbing wall etc. But no one likes it when a child is pushing the others because they’re too eager to wait. It’s also dangerous if children are pushing others down the slide because sometimes it’s pretty steep and the other child can get badly hurt. You wouldn’t want that to happen to your baby. Please explain to your child(ren) to wait a little while just so the other children can get their turn. Or just politely ask the other child to slide down if they’re taking a bit too long or let your child voice it themselves if they’re at speaking age.

2) Surpervision

So many times I have witnessed children at the playground on the verge of getting hurt badly because they’re performing some dangerous activity in the jungle gym or making a run for the gates (that are unfortunately left opened) and no one is there to intervene. You wouldn’t want something bad to happen to your babies. You don’t need to be breathing down their necks but please keep a good eye on them.

3) Eating snacks

This is a controversial one. To snack or not to snack? Parents fall on different sides of this topic. A lot of children would like to eat a snack or some ice cream while at the playground. I can understand because they’re having fun and burninng out energy so they want to refuel. But some parents are against the idea of giving their children snacks at the playground or seeing other kids enjoying their snacks because their child ends up crying for what the other child is having. I feel that it’s up to the parents whether their children can have a snack or not. Just be mindful that other children around might want to have some of what your child is having.

4) Sharing 

Babies and toddlers love to play with other children’s toys just because it’s something new. But please don’t let your child grab the other children’s toys because that’s not considered sharing. Your child can politely ask to play with the other child’s toy or ask to do a trade. If they’re not comfortably speaking yet, my son use to just extend his hand out and say “please” but it sounded more like “peas” but it’s good to teach your child proper manners and to be respectful of others because after all, it’s the other child’s toy and they may not want to share. We all know small children don’t really have a good grasp of the concept of sharing so it’s a good idea to help them along this process.

Written by: Sheiley Ripellino


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