Toddler Wearable Vocabulary Counter | Dearmommies

Starling – a wearable vocabulary counter that’s currently being crowdfunded. It’s a device that your toddler/child wears and it counts the amount of words spoken to the child on a given day. The concept behind it is that the more words you speak to your child, the higher their IQ’s, and the smarter they become.


Welch’s Refreshingly Simple | Dearmommies

  I got to try the new passion fruit juice by Welch’s Refreshingly Simple. I was pleasantly surprised with how this juice tasted so deliciously. Passion fruit flavored juices can sometimes be strong tasting but this one is very light and fresh. It’s flavorful but not overly sweet. It’s all natural so it doesn’t contain…

How To Make Silly Putty | Dearmommies

Silly Putty is such a great sensory activity to make with little ones of all ages. We recently made some at home and would like to share our experience with you. My son loves the texture of it and being able to make silly faces, shapes and anything that comes to the imagination with the putty.…